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Vedic Worship - An Introduction

What is Vedic Worship?

Vedic Worship or rituals are a collection of self transforming meditation techniques designed by Enlightened Masters or scientists of the inner world by masters, to connect with the divine within and to experience intense bliss. Vedic rituals, when performed with full understanding and consciousness, can directly put you in-tune with the universal energy or God. There are many different types of rituals of which Vedic Puja and Vedic Homa are the two major streams of rituals.

Vedic worship is performed on a variety of occasions to show love and gratitude to God/Goddess for prosperity and physical/mental well being. Vedic worship when performed cleanses the space of the house and to heal those present at the physical and mental planes. Worship may be performed by an individual worshipper or in gatherings. It includes combination of mantra (recitation of Vedic mantras), yantra (meditation on mystical representation of subtle energies) and tantra (rituals to worship)

Pujas and Homas offered in Dhyanapeetam, in authentic Vedic tradition, are a true communion with divine. The significance and profound truths behind the rituals are beautifully explained during the worship. In the healing energy field of Enlightened Master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, experience the worship as deep meditation.

Technology of Vedic Worship

This whole universe and universal energy is symbolically constituted of five elements namely ether, air, water, fire and earth. Even our mind and body is made up of matter. That is the reason you can see that the food can easily affect the way in which you think. We can see that when we have alcohol our way of thinking is completely distorted. This proves that mind is matter as only matter can affect matter. If our mind is affected by liquor shows clearly that it is made of matter. Mind is matter and it is not spirit as we think.

Falling in tune with these five elements can change whatever can be changed. It can change your body, mind and whatever you know as you. Whatever that can be changed is matter and whatever that can’t is consciousness. Consciousness can’t be changed. All that we can do is change what can be changed which is matter. All spiritual practice is to transform matter!

We can relate with existence through any of these five elements.

When we relate with cosmic energy through stone or metal idol, it is called Puja. When we relate with the cosmic energy through water, by taking bath in river or water pond, it is called Thirtha Snana (holy bath). When we relate with cosmic energy through fire, it is called Homa. When cosmic energy is related through air element by repeating some mantra, it is called Mantra Japa. When we fall in-tune with the cosmic energy through ether, it is called Meditation.

According to Taitriya Upanishad:
- from ‘akasha’ or ether came air or ‘vayu’
- from ‘vayu’ came fire or ‘agni’
- from ‘agni’ came water
- from water came the earth and finally everything else.

In this manner the energy is harnessed. It is understood that this cosmic energy exists beyond ether, beyond space, as atman or atma shakti or pure consciousness!
- Through visualization or meditation this energy is brought to ‘akasha shakti’ or ether or space.
- From ether through verbalization or mantras it is brought to the air
- Through fire rituals such as ‘homas’ it is brought to the fire
- From the fire to the ‘kumbha’ or water
- And finally this energy is installed in the ‘bimba’ or the idol or moorthi or vigraha.

When the ‘prana pratishta’ or energy is installed in the idol, it is no longer an idol; it becomes a deity or ‘archavatara’ with different incarnations of God. The Upanishads beautifully explain how the ‘brahmanda’ expresses itself in form of ‘pindanda’ through the idols. This cosmic energy radiates itself, making it available to us through these idols, statues or vigrahas. One can derive enormous benefits by understanding this science.

What is Puja?

Puja is the technique by which we relate to the cosmic energy through earth element. Puja is a collection of powerful techniques performed with “energized idols” or “vigrahas”. Puja involves intense cleansing techniques which heals the aspirant in physical, psychological and spiritual planes.

What is Homa?

Homa is a fire ritual in Vedic tradition by which one can relate to the existential energy through fire element. Homa can be used as a personal spiritual practice for self-transformation and realization or can be used as the most effective techniques for expressing collective consciousness which can bring intense healing and peace energy to the society.

Vedic Worship as a personal Spiritual Practice!

The science behind realization of prayers can be explained with an example - anything kept in front of a projector light, will be seen in the screen. If you keep a slide of a temple scene you will see the temple. If you keep a slide of an actor or actress you will see their age. In same manner, any thought kept in front of concentrated energy, will become a reality.

In the space where any Vedic Worship happens there is intense energy flow which happens. Intense potential energies created by continuous repetition of mantras which charges the whole space and keeps it alive. When you are present in front of this space and create a thought or wish, your whole body and mind will be tuned to that thought and so naturally it will become a reality in your life. During a Vedic worship, two things will happen, you will have "shakti" or energy to make your dreams into reality, next you will have "buddhi" or intelligence to realize that what you see or think as reality itself is a dream. Enlightened masters designed these Worships which could intensely heal, inspire and give the humanity an experience of spirituality.

As a personal worship, Vedic worship can be performed for self-transformation on a regular basis which can bestow peace, bliss and fortune for an individual. Vedic worship is one of the effective ways to express gratitude and celebrate major events like birthday, anniversary, marriage etc.

Perform Vedic worship and infuse auspiciousness and fortune to your personal life!

Vedic Worship and Collective Consciousness!

Vedic Worship is based on the truth that the whole Universe is constituted of thoughts and energy vibrations. It is alive and bubbling with our thoughts and emotions. Modern scientists have agrees on the same starting from Einstein who says there is no such thing as matter and energy separately with boundaries between the two and that the whole Universe is energy. The last statement of science and quantum physics saying that everything is energy is the first statement of the first Veda of the first Upanishad. "Isha vashyam idam sarvam" meaning, whatever exists is energy.

There had been numerous groundbreaking exploration of the science of thoughts and its benefits on an individual and his world around him. Several experiments demonstrate that a thought is what that affects things around an individual. Both inner and outer world scientists all over the world have time and again proven and still proving that thought when intensely harnessed in the inner world produces tremendous noticeable differences in the outer world. The intensity again manifolds itself when performed as a group. Thought generates intelligence that can improve your life, to help others around you, and to change the world.

When it comes to matter, when you divide, matter reduces in quantity. For example, an apple if it has to be shared by four people has to be cut into four pieces.

But, when it comes to energy, anything shared only multiplies. For example, if we have 10 volts of electricity in a wire, one person touching the wire will feel 10 volts and four people touching the same wire will also feel 10 volts.

In the same way, the powerful energy of Pujas and Homas when done by a group of people gets shared in total by the entire group. Imagine 10 ‘volts’ of energy generated by one person and 100 people all sitting together in a group worship. 10x100=1000 volts!

Vedic worship is the most effective when performed as a group. With the collective consciousness expressed in the intense vibration of the energy field of the worship space, miracles can happen! Peace, harmony and celebrations would naturally manifold and become abundant in the society around us preventing us from threats of crime and natural calamities. Vedic worship is the best way to keep the society in absolute balance and harmony!

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