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Ganapathy Puja & Homa

Ganapathy is the supreme expression of super consciousness. He is the lord of beginnings. His very form itself is very powerful. If we understand his form, we will understand the truth presented in his form. His is the most worshipped form. Ganapathy is the only God who is worshipped by all 6 Vedic traditions. A much loved God, he is always remembered as simple, innocent and easily approachable. Of his four hands, he holds angusha (elephant prods typically used to direct or steer elephants) in one hand, pasa (noose) in the other, his own broken tusk in the third hand, and a sweet in the last.

If we understand the ayudhas (symbolic tools) he carries, we will understand the truth.

Lord Ganapathy is the Lord of beginning and he is said to represent the Jñana or wisdom, his consorts Siddhi is Kriya Sakthi or the actions/deeds and Bhuddhi is the Iccha Sakthi or knowledge.

Ganapathy Puja

Ganapathy Puja is performed to the idol of Ganapathy. Ganapathy Puja is done to remove obstacles and protect devotees from any hindrances in their ventures. Ganapathy Puja bestows success, good luck, and spontaneity to handle problems of life, abundance and bliss in life.

Ganapathy Puja can be performed in any of the following days:

  • The Fourth day after New Moon every month [Sukla paksham] - Chathurthi is very important for Sri Ganapathy.
  • The Fourth day after the Full moon day [Krishna paksham] is called Sankatahara Chathurthi day and is auspicious for special Puja for Sri Ganapathy.
  • Sukla Chathurthi day of the month Bhadrapada [Aavani] is celebrated as Sri Ganapathy Chathurthi day, an annual festival of one to ten days, to mark the day of one of the manifestation of Sri Ganapathy.

Sri Ganapathy accepts prayers with offerings of all types of flowers, leaves, grass and all fruits and foods.

Ganapathy Homa

Homa is fire ritual and an intense spiritual practice which becomes powerful meditation technique when performed with devotion. We invoke the cosmic energy and visualize it in the fire. Offerings to the deity are offered through the fire.

With Ganapathy homa not only the individual but the space in which the ritual happens and the people who attend the ritual will all be benefited and blessed. Through this homa when done as a personal spiritual practice, the energy is brought from the nirvanic to the physical layer through all subtle layers and radiate. This homa ritual not only helps in spiritual growth but with the offerings it radiates and heals the space and the others who attend this fire ritual.

If you wish to have the Sri Ganapathy Puja done on your behalf, either at our temple or in your home, please call us at (740) 362-2046 and ask for our Pujacharya.